Avalon, Lower Hutt

Allen Street

Allen Street in Avalon, Lower Hutt is believed to have been named after William Allen, the bugler for the garrison at Boulcott Stockade. The stockade was a fortified defensive structure built by the British colonial forces during the New Zealand Wars in the mid-19th century. The stockade was located in what is now Boulcott, a suburb of Lower Hutt, and played a significant role in the Battle of Boulcott’s Farm in 1846.

William Allen was a member of the 58th Regiment of Foot, which was stationed at the Boulcott Stockade during the battle. He is said to have sounded the alarm when the Maori warriors attacked the stockade, warning the other soldiers of the impending danger. Allen’s quick thinking and bravery during the battle helped to save the lives of many British soldiers.

Another possible explanation for the naming of Allen Street is Thomas Paul Allen, a farmer who lived in Waiwhetu and was one of the councillors when the Lower Hutt Borough Council was formed in 1891. However, there is less evidence to support this theory.

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