Avalon, Lower Hutt

Cataldo Mews

A new subdivision was created on the land at 959 High Street, which had formerly belonged to Mr Cataldo Mazzola. The new street joined High Street on the property that was previously numbered as 963 High Street. The original driveway to 959 High Street was retained as a private right of way.

During the development process in June 2010, both the subdivision developer and the Mazzola family requested that the name ‘Cataldo Mews’ be adopted for the new street. The family provided a letter of explanation and request.

Mr Cataldo Mazzola had purchased the property in 1942 for use as a family home and market garden. Since then, the property has been passed down through four generations of the Mazzola family, making it a place of deep significance to them. It was a condition of the sale to the developer that the development be called Cataldo Mews.i

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