Boulcott, Lower Hutt

Ropata Crescent

Ropata Crescent is a residential street located in the Boulcott suburb of Lower Hutt. The street was formed in 1937 on behalf of the Trustees of the Anglican Boys’ Home, which is now known as St Oran’s College. The name “Ropata” comes from Ropata Wahawaha, a prominent chief of the Te Aowera sub-tribe of Ngati Porou. Nearby street Ariki Street is likely connected. Ropata Wahawaha was an important figure in the history of the Maori people, having fought in the New Zealand Wars and played an instrumental role in securing peace between Maori and European settlers.

The naming of Ropata Crescent reflects the important contributions that Maori leaders like Ropata Wahawaha have made to the history and development of Lower Hutt. By naming the street after him, the Trustees of the Anglican Boys’ Home sought to honor Ropata’s legacy and to acknowledge the important role that Maori leaders have played in shaping the Lower Hutt community.

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