Hutt Central, Lower Hutt

Bunny Street

Named after Edmund Percy Bunny, commonly known as E.P. Bunny, was a prominent figure in the Lower Hutt community during the early 20th century.

In 1898, he was elected to the Lower Hutt Borough Council, marking the beginning of his involvement in local governance. In 1900, Bunny became the mayor of Lower Hutt, taking over after the resignation of Walter George Foster. During his mayoral term, Bunny played a key role in coordinating the reconstruction of the main bridge over the Hutt River, which had been damaged. He also implemented the borough’s first building regulations and by-laws to control new constructions.

After serving as mayor for one year, Bunny was defeated by Orton Stevens. However, in 1909, he was re-elected as mayor for a second term. At the time, the council faced financial challenges due to previous infrastructure upgrades that depleted funds. Bunny’s new council, which consisted mostly of new members, implemented measures of financial austerity to cut costs. They raised rates and secured a loan of to repay outstanding debts.

E.P. Bunny passed away in 1941 at the age of 77. He was survived by his wife and three daughters, while his son had tragically lost his life during World War I.

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