Seaview, Lower Hutt

Wareham Place

Wareham Place was a new access road that was constructed as part of the Barnes Street industrial subdivision. The developer of the subdivision, R B Steel, had requested that the road be named Wareham Place.

The proposed name, Wareham Place, was chosen to recognise the significant contributions made by Mr Bryan Wareham of Wareham Cameron. Mr Wareham had been actively involved in the development and upgrading of available industrial space in the city. His work had played a vital role in enhancing the industrial landscape.

On 23rd February 2006, Mr Bryan Wareham verbally approved the use of the name Wareham Place when approached by Council Officers. His approval solidified the decision to honour his contributions and commemorate his impact on the industrial development in the area.

Interestingly the Petone Community Board on the 20th April 2006 resolved that another name be chosen as Mr Wareham was still providing services to the council, and they asked officers to provide a name that reflects the history of this area. i

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