Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt

Aldersgate Grove

Aldersgate Grove in Stokes Valley, Lower Hutt, is named after the historic Aldersgate Street in London. The street was part of the Holborn Subdivision, a development initiated by the Lower Hutt City Council in the late 1960s. Richard Holmes, who served as the town planner at the time, had previously worked for the London County Council and incorporated his familiarity with the English capital into the naming of streets within the subdivision.

Aldersgate Grove, along with Clapham, Fenchurch, Greenwich, Holborn, Shaftesbury, and Whitechapel, are all named after well-known locations in London. This connection to London reflects the influence of the town planner’s background and the cultural heritage of early settlers, who brought their history and affiliations to New Zealand, contributing to the development and character of the area.

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