Taitā, Lower Hutt

Taine Street

Taine Street in Taitā, Lower Hutt, is likely named after James John Taine (born in 1817) who was a merchant who arrived in New Zealand on the ship “Adelaide” in March 1840. He had business premises and a wharf at Lambton Quay and lived on the Eastern side of the Hutt River.

His business premises were located on Lambton Quay, specifically the site of Scoullar’s furniture warehouse, and he had a wharf near the present site of the Royal Hotel. He lived in the Hutt region, on the east side of the river near the bridge. Notably, his neighbor, Mr. Rush, resided on the opposite side of the river and fell victim to a Māori attack led by Mamaku and Rangihaeata.

James John Taine was an active member of the Militia during this period. However, due to the increased threat from hostilities, he relocated his wife and young family to Wellington, where he lived on Thorndon Quay until the 1855 earthquake severely damaged his house. Subsequently, he moved to a house on Wellington Terrace.

Before the gold rushes in California and Australia, James John Taine served as a trustee of the Debenture Association. He also played a significant role, along with Captain W. B. Rhodes, in establishing a branch of the Bank of New Zealand in Wellington. In 1879, he relocated to Auckland, where he lived until his passing, which occurred several years later.

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