Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt

Atiawa Crescent

Atiawa Crescent is named after Te Āti Awa, a Māori iwi with strong historical and cultural ties to the Taranaki and Wellington regions of New Zealand. The iwi has a rich cultural heritage and a deep connection to the land, waterways, and natural resources of the region.

There are a number of other streets in Lower Hutt named after Te Āti Awa members such as Eruera Love, Rīpeka Wharawhara Love, and Wiremu Tako Ngātata.

Te Āti Awa has approximately 17,000 registered members, with the majority located in Taranaki, Wellington, and other parts of New Zealand. Mount Taranaki, a sacred site for many Maori, plays an important role in the cultural identity and spiritual beliefs of the iwi. The iwi also maintains cultural connections with several waterways in the region, including the Hutt River delta and Lowry Bay in the Wellington region.

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