Waiwhetu, Lower Hutt

Rātō Rise

Rato Rise is a private road that was formed as part of the subdivision and development of the Rato Rosanna Home located off Tyndall Street.

The house was renamed Rato after the te reo word for sunset, rātō (rā = sun & tō = to set). The house sits on the Eastern Hills of Lower Hutt with great views of the sunsetting in the west

Rato Rosanna Home, also known as Rosanna Hostel, Rosanna Convent, and Rosanna Home, holds a rich physical and social history that has shaped its significance. Constructed in 1906, the house stands on a property that was once part of the Hayward Estate. In 1954, the Order of St. John of God acquired 19 acres of land, including the homestead, for £26,450. Throughout the years, the house served various purposes, including being a hostel for unmarried mothers.

The house, located at 38 Tyndall Street, was later named Rato Rosanna Home by the Haywards due to its breathtaking view of the setting sun. Notable owners of the property include H.M. Hayward, a prominent Wellington importer, and the religious organizations, the Order of St. John of God and the Sisters of the Good Shepherd.

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