Alicetown, Lower Hutt

Alice Street

Alice Street in Alicetown, Lower Hutt, is named after Alice Maud Fitzherbert, the eldest daughter of Lower Hutt Mayor William Alfred Fitzherbert. On January 4, 1905, she married George von Zedlitz, a notable New Zealand educator, at Lower Hutt. In celebration of their union, Alice’s father built them a house called Norbury in Lower Hutt, which is now known as Minoh Friendship House. The couple settled in the Hutt Valley and had three children.

The naming of Alice Street in Alicetown honours Alice Maud Fitzherbert’s connection to the region, her family’s notable background, and her marriage to George von Zedlitz. The street name serves as a reminder of the Fitzherbert family’s association with Lower Hutt and the Hutt Valley’s history, as well as the enduring legacy of the house built for Alice and George, which continues to serve the community as Minoh Friendship House.

The suburb Alicetown is also named after Alice Maud Fitzherbert.

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