Manor Park, Lower Hutt

Martha Turnell Crescent

Named after Martha Brewin Moody nee Turnell. Hutt City Council decided on the new name on the 10th December 2019 (Report no: HCC2019/1(2)/234)

The developer requested the name be considered after the developer’s client’s great-great-grandmother Matha Turnell.

Martha was born on 28th Sept 1822 in Sheffield Yorkshire UK, was the youngest daughter of seven siblings. In 1840 she immigrated to New Zealand with her older sister Ruth (b. 1810) and husband Frederick France and their 3 children.

She arrived in Wellington on the 17th March 1841 on theĀ Lady Nugent.

She marries William Gilbert Ford Moody and they have seven children. They spend their time between Wellington and Manor Park.

On the 20th July 1860 the family is on their farm in Manor Park, when there was a major flood on the Hutt River and Martha tragically drowns.

Read the council’s full report for the full story on Martha Turnell.

Source: W Bell, January 2019

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