Petone, Lower Hutt

Buick Street

Buick Street is likely named after D. Buick who owned 5 1/4 acres of land in Petone in 1852. i

In September, 1866, a framed group photograph of the band, as reproduced on the next page, was presented to Mr. Valentine, containing the following inscription:—

“Presented to Mr. N. the inhabitants of the Hutt District as a small but sincere token of their esteem, but more especially as an exponent of then sense of gratitude for his services voluntarily rendered in forming, instructing and conducting the Hutt Band to its present state of efficiency and usefulness. September, 1866.”

Almost every name in the band is a household word; no less than five have streets named after members of their families in Lower Hutt and Petone. They are Copeland, Valentine, Donnelly, Buick, and Williams. i

D. Buick was elected to the first board of the Petone Town Board on the 9th December 19882 alongside Mr. W. J. Kirk (the Board’s first and only Chairman); Messrs. R. Brown, H. Udy, C. W. Haines, H. Collett and J. S. Manning. The first meeting of the Board was on December 13th. i

It is most unfortunate that the minutes of the board for the first eighteen months of its existence have been destroyed.

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