Tirohanga, Lower Hutt

Ardal Grove

Ardal Grove is a residential street located in the Tirohanga suburb of Stokes Valley in Lower Hutt. The street was named by developer George Austad, who had Norwegian ancestry. It is likely that the name “Ardal” was chosen by Austad to reflect his heritage, as there are two places named “Ardal” on the map of Norway – one on Sogne Fjord, and the other about 60 miles north of Kristiansand. This connection to Norway is reinforced by the nearby street Rondane Place, which is named after a mountain area in Norway.

In addition to his work as a developer, George Austad was also involved in local politics in Lower Hutt. He ran in the 1947 & 1950 Lower Hutt local election, which suggests that he was actively involved in the civic life of the Lower Hutt community.

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